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Want a new piercing or want to add more to the piercings you already have? Rad-A-Tat Tattoo has the latest in body piercing fashion. We offer our services at reasonable rates in Chandler and Apache Junction, AZ.

The minimum age for body piercing is 14 years old. Minors must be accompanied by their parent, and proof of identification must be provided for each person receiving a piercing, including minors. Parents need identification as well. Ear lobe piercings are offered for children four years of age and older. Check out more pictures of piercings on our Instagram @radatatpiercings

• Clean and comfortable environment

• Medical-grade sterilization

• Saline cleaning spray available for purchase

• Piercings for all parts of the body including genital area

• Full inventory of piercings, bars, gems, and more


Feel comfortable and relaxed with private rooms for piercings and also with piercing services available for all body parts including genital areas.

Safe and professional body piercing services

Piercing Price List

Ear lobes                                             $40

Rook, tragus, daith, conch,

snug, cartilage                                     $20

Industrial                                              $40

Nostril, bridge                                      $20

Septum                                                $25

Lip, medusa, monroe,labret,

vertical labret                                       $20

Snake bites, spider bites                     $40

Eyebrow                                              $20

Tongue, snake eyes                            $30

Belly button                                         $20

Nipples                                                $40

Dermals                                               $35

Genitals                                               $60+

Saline spray                                        $10

Prices include jewelry

Extra jewelry                                       $10

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